Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh la la la la la LA! The teaser...

I don't know if it's the dress or the styling or the setting but this dress is KILLING me.

Oh let's be honest. It's Paris. It's ALWAYS Paris. But the dress seems like a spot of the Left Bank, wrapped up in a baguette and served with a slice of '68 and a side order of Edith Piaf. What I'm saying is I WANTS IT.

At $79 it's a BIT spendy but not CRAZY expensive. BUT. Well... I happen to have these two things:

See what I'm saying? One stripy tee and one maternity dress and a dash of inspiration (read "filthy swearing")...

I'm almost done. Just some fiddling around with sleeves left... I'm thinking later today for the big reveal. Meet you back here?


  1. What a GREAT looking outfit! Nice refashion.

  2. hahaha, "filthy swearing." yeah, sewing clothes makes me do that too!


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