Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I, like The Prodigy, have THE REMEDY. The pulsating rhythmical remedy. Except not Pulsating or rhythmical. And also "Pulsating"?... kinda gross.

Wait, what was I talking about?
Oh yup! 'Member I had the yips? Where everything I touched turned to wet kitty poop? Well I CURED them. With a dress. THIS dress.

And it's a refashion, in fact it's a refashion of a refashion. And even the elastic I used was pillaged from someplace else. (jammie pants maybe?)
The bottom part started life last year as a smocked tube-top maxi dress. Bought for all of $3 in the Old Navy sale. I wore once but it was WAY too big. Just for the record - tube-tops + too bigness = a recipe for disaster.

So I made it into a wrap skirt. And it was... meh. So meh that I wore it once and then it sat in the refashion basket for a year.

The purple thing on top of it is a dirt cheap Old Navy ribbed tank that some genius (moi) splashed bleach on.
I whacked them together using Little Red Roost's awesome tute. And voila. I'm cured of the snausage-fingered foul-up-itis sewing yips . I'm also pretty happy with how it turned out and I predict a BUNCH of wear out of it.

Oh hey, I don't know it you've noticed, but I kind of like dresses. I was thinking about that because I've just signed up to do this:

And I'm having trouble getting fired up about sewing anything but dresses.
I THINK it's because dresses are my yoga pants.
Not that I do yoga in them. ( I don't do yoga in anything... wait... I don't mean I do yoga nekkid, I mean I don't do it at all!)
But you know how some women can throw on a pair of yoga pants and a tee and look adorable?
Me - not so muchly. I put on sweats and I look like I forgot to get dressed. I feel 10 lbs fatter and three inches shorter in yoga pants. And really. Who needs that?
This frock has the same kind of throw-it-on-and-you're-dressed thing as sweats but I feel DRESSED in it.
So that's that. Dress made, yips cured.


  1. Nice save (and color!). I'm new to dresses but I'm finally understand how amazingly awesome they are. Way more comfortable than anything else with the added bonus of being cute. I only have one on my list but I'm going to try and squeeze another one in ;) And thanks for the link to the tute!

  2. Really pretty. It's so satisfying to create something new out of item you no longer like. And I find that kind of dress (made from a skirt and top) so comfortable!

  3. Love your refashion! I can totally symathize, i have had the "yips" lately too!! Hopefully, this will be the fix you need for a productive summer :O)

  4. I really like it! I've been reading your blog whenever I see a new post up at WR and now I am your new follower :)

  5. Hi Justine, nice to meet ya! And Hi Ali, LOVE the Blog. I'm pretty excited about the whole SESA. (I'm hoping to cure The Shorts Fear!)


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