Thursday, June 10, 2010

C is for cookie that good enough for meeeeee...

You know your favorite shirt/skirt/underpants? The one(s) that give you an invisible cloak of awesomeness and make the day run smoother? Those guys are to be treasured right? Right.

Well apparently even two year olds know the power of a magic, favoritest, very best shirt. Teddy's is emblazoned with the Sesame St crew.
Now for a guy who's never seen an episode of Seasame Street in his life (because I am cruel) he has a DEAD ON Cookie Monster impersonation. "COOOOOOKIE". And if you ask him what shirt he wants to wear he will tell you "COOOOOOOOKIE mon-TAR". Every single time (the trick is not to ask).
Trouble is, Teddy is growing FAST. Now, I was cool with a tight-ish tee; he looked a little bit hipster-esque but that was OK. When I could no longer get it over his funny little head... then we had a problem. A heartbroken- sob inducing problem "cookietoosmall". Cookie was indeed too small.

So I ironed a bit of lightweight interfacing onto the reverse of the print, then I hacked out the monsters (does this remind anybody else of police mugshots?).

The I stuck that sucker onto a MUCH larger shirt with a bit of stitch witchery.

It looked... OK. but a little meh and thrown together. So I doubled up some plain old poly- cotton thread and whipped some chunky stitches 'round the whole thing.

I think it looks way more finished. And I kind of love it. Teddy REALLY loves it. So win win.

(oh and this looks EVEN better now it's been washed a few times, the edges have curled just enough. I'll definately be doing this again, and I might get all crazy and actually BUY supplies as opposed to rummaging in my stash drawer for whatever I had on hand!)
Here's to the power of lucky shirts or skinnies (you heard me England squad).


  1. Awwww, what a gorgeous sweetheart! Good job! Those stitches bring it all together :)

  2. Well done. And I agree that those stitches are the perfect touch. What a lucky little boy to have such a resourceful mama.

    I absolutely LOVE your idea. I'm just down right pouting that my babies have grown out of this stage before I could have done this! I wish I had kept all of their character tees. At the very least I could have made a giant quilt to sulk in once they've all left home.


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