Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Giant Lilly Pulitzer Fail

So close. And yet...
So the back story is that I saw this POST by Suzanne over at Adventures in Dressmaking and I was HAUNTED (haunted I tell you!) by how cute the blue dress was. Then a few days ago I discovered the Lilly Pulitzer Shop. And the glorious, lovely want want want-able dresses therein. Like ZEEZ:

See, a perfect storm of pretty inspiration.
So I picked up a few things, and spent this morning whipping up....

The theory is totally sound. And I actually like the pattern. Except for The Boob Issue.
Now, my boobs are... not so muchly. I mean they're there, but they could in no way be described as a rack. Le sigh.
BUT, this blasted dress fits everywhere but the boobs. Them it squishs. Really squishes. So I get pooch under the armpits and I can't barely breath. Booooo. Also I think it's a little short.
And I hate hate hate back zippers. This one makes the dress look like a 1980's British primary school uniform.
Giant fail.
But that's ok. I've got enough fabric for a rematch!


  1. How about lopping off the top and making it into a skirt and little jacket? Slice through the middle and maybe add a little cap or 3/4 sleeve and a couple of giant fabric covered buttons? Or reuse the yoke to make a floaty top? Good first run at any rate - you're a great seamstress :)

  2. I really like the top, can't see the squished rack part tho. The colour is really lovely nice fit the rest of the dress and aren't you slimmer! Well done

  3. aw I don't think it's *that* big of a fail... I really like the idea of it. too bad about the boob squishing and not being able to breathe, otherwise I might just advise a bit of tinkering. can I have the dress? :)


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