Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Randoms...

A touch of the randoms,
Firstly of all, you guys! Did you know that you can put on foundation with a brush?
Turns out you totally can! Regular ol' foundation, and a biggish brush (I used an older blusher brush).
And it stops you (and by "you" I mean ME) looking all streaky like a part-cooked slice of bacon. So yay!

Secondly. We had AN EARTHQUAKE! in Toronto! It was my second but the first was in Japan where you know, earthquakes - to be expected. In Ontario, super surprising. The bear and the pooch both slept through it. Some junk fell off of my desk (which just means I have to tidy my desk!) but otherwise it was just "huh! AN EARTHQUAKE? In Ontario?"

And lastly, something that happened today that just slays me, we were out stomping the dog around, and there's a SQUISHED (really icky squished) Pigeon on the road. Teddy gave my hand a squeeze and stopped and said "Mummy fix it? Mummy fix pigeon?".
Yipe. Sniff.


  1. Aww mummies can fix anything don't you know! My little brother nearly woke my stepmum up one morning when I woke up with the worst case of sunstroke ever because he was so certain she could make me better.

  2. You know what's weird? I'm in Kalamazoo, Mich. (halfway between Detroit and Chicago) and I felt the earthquake, too! Too strange...


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