Monday, June 14, 2010

Sew What? Week Two bag and Tute

I'm seeing a pattern emerging here. The first week of the Sew What challenge I made a flamenco practice skirt. This week the challenge was a bag with words on it, and I made... a bag with words on it... for my flamenco shoes. The knit I used this time was a cotton t-shirt of my sweetie's that had seen better days.
Here's the finished article:

(And nope those aren't proper flamenco shoes. Those are my faithful beige Aldo's that I love love love. Proper Flamenco shoes are the next step).
The words on it are Dentro Y Fuera (inside and outside - and how you move your hands).

I slung together a tute, though I'm pretty sure you could work it out yourself! You could totally make this from a little person sized shirt and put little person sized shoes in it. Maybe a PINK shirt and maybe baby BALLET shoes. Maybe.

Anyway, the first thing you'll need is a t-shirt. If it has a cute graphic on it then so much the better.
Got it? Goodo. Now whack a few inches off of the bottom all the way around. Like ziz:

Take the piece you've just chopped off and ruffle it but good! Comme ca:

Next, take the rest of your shirt, turn it inside out and do this to it:

So you have a big tube shape.

Jam the ruffle between the two layers, then pin and sew:

Then turn it right-side-too and admire your ruffled bottom. tee hee.

Next is the step I forgot to take a picture of. But all I did was sew a tiny button hole (just one) about two and a bit inches down from the top of the bag.
So that when I folded the top of the bag to the inside (to form the casing for the ribbon) the button hole was on the outside: which is easier to see than explain:

Then I sewed the casing down (not worrying about the raw edges - yay for knits!), threaded the ribbon through the casing with a safety pin and a bit of mild cursing and VOILA!
A bag for putting my sweaty shoesies in after stomp stomp clapping.

Oh and the words (which I will totally admit were and afterthought), I added using the leftover scraps of a Colour Your Own T-Shirt kit that my bear has.


  1. I love this. I spotted the pic of it in the Sewing Dork flickr pool and was waiting for you to post about it. I think it is so groovy, love that ruffle. I'll be doing another reader showcase in a day or two can't wait to add this!

  2. p.s. Those shoes are totally hot.

  3. Awesome! My girlies need their own dance bags now that they are in separate classes now, and I have plenty of old tshirts!

  4. very nice! great idea for me too... I am also a flamenco dancer


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