Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gerrr Argh

Yesterday we ZOMBIE WALKED. Brains? mmmmm BRAAAAINS! And it was as super fun as always. Thousands of the undead lurching around Toronto, what's not to love?
This year I went for a Zombie Mime thing. Because you guys, the only good mime is a DEAD mime! Here's me, pre-leakybrain lunch:

and meddling with my gore-stained gloves.
And us guys, looking like we just ate the Reservoir Dogs (complete with candy blood mouth dribble. It tasted like EVIL. Super super yucky)

The outfit was dirt cheap too (naturally).
I used one very old (kind of insalubrious) plain white tee - stolen from my sweetie's vestie drawer
A pair of black trousers I already had (they remained relatively gore free)
A cardigan - ditto
beret - ditto
A pair of white cotton gloves - $2 from the costume place (the dollar store has them too with the cleaning and painting stuff)
Some black ribbon from the stash to make braces (suspenders) like this see:

I just safety pinned them to the trews.

The trick with the shirt and gloves is to give them time to dry before you have to wear them (or get paint literally everywhere in the world) I mixed up a bit of red and a spot black paint, then thinned it with water, put my shirt on and drizzled the gore onto myself. It's a good idea to jam a plastic bag or something between your skin and the shirt. Gravity will sort out the drip patterns (just like on CSI, but with less Horatio).
Then take it off carefully and let it dry, if you only want ick on one side of your shirt then best leave the plastic bag inside.
And that's it. Apply lurching walk and add braaaaaains for fun times.


  1. OH my heck. I need to do this randomly one day with The Hubby and my two kiddos. We live hear Portland, so that should be a perfect place to lurch around. Thanks for the great idea. You guys look fabulous, very inspiring.

  2. You look GREAT! Considering you're suppose to be a dead Mime. =D

    Just Better Together

  3. Hey, Erin,
    Saw your comment on my post/outfit montage. And, of course, borrow away. Anybody who uses insalubrious in a post is a friend of mine! I'm honored by your interest!

  4. Haha, love the costume, hate mimes.

    Hoped you mimed the word braiinns, even Zombie mimes aren't allow to talk.


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