Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Um. There's an elephant in here. No really, there is...

I LOVE this city for lots of reasons but today especially because of elephants.

Our local park, Allan Gardens, is not normally a pachyderm playground. In fact lots of the time it's full of drunk guys shouting and peeing. But the thing our park DOES have is a Palm House.
And today the Palm House was all dressed up like a Sikh temple (pretty!) for a movie set. But that wasn't the first thing we saw. Nope. This was:

Sure, she's pretending to be a lighting boom (she's totally down with the crew, no diva moves for her) But she's DEFINITELY an elephant.

I stopped and did a massive double take, and was all
"TEDDY! There's an elephant!"
He looked up from the business of scooting along on his bike with a "say what now lady?" look
But then I hoisted him up and showed him and his mouth made an O.
"Yup baby, it's an elephant"
And here's the conservatory, all gussied up:

It COMPLETELY made my day.


  1. Awesome. I wanna see an elephant at the park.

  2. very funny post!! and that elephant is so cool!

  3. Yay! Finally another toronto crafty mommy! I have been reading your blog for mnths! And know I have finally become a follower! I think you are so creative and lovee your stuff!
    I'm just getting my blog going and learning how to make peace with my possessed sewing machine but would LOVE if you stopped by my blog....
    I'm hosting a swap with my first ever tute!


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