Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Ta-DAH! I'm all halloweenied! (heh, "weenie")
Pretty excited about the we'en this year (most years actually, but this year particularly) and here's why:

My friend Sarah's mama, Judy, scored Teddy the dragon suit, and I love it so much I can't barely stand it. He just happens to love it too (he's already asked to wear it twice) but I would be putting him in it even if he hated it.
Because I love it THAT much.
He's a dragon and that means I get to be... A PRINCESS!!! or a KNIGHT!!! I'm cool with either (I'm using "cool" very loosely here, I actually mean "the nerdiest ever").
And the whole-dressing-to-match-your-kid thing? I'm doing that until homeboy is old enough to set the bear trap to stop me leaving the house with him!
Last year was a bust for various reasons but here's a quick retrospective of Teddy's costumes so far:
See, he's a pumpkin. A vomit-inducing pumpkin. Might not seem so scary to you, but being pregnant scared the crap out of me. Spooky for sure. And...
Teddy is a chimp. And I am famed primatologist Jane Goodall. (See? I have a safari shirt and a hello my name is Jane Goodall badge.) Which I thought was HI-larious. But literally NOBODY else found funny.
Now, I'm going to need some pale pink tulle, a traffic cone and a BUNCH of candy corn. We're on a deadline here people!


  1. I love it! Matching costumes are the best. My son's first Halloween he was a cowboy and I was his trusty steed. I wore him on my back in a baby carrier. Clever, right?

    *sigh* I don't know what I'm going to do this year. So hurray for you on the Teddy the Dragon score, even though I don't even know who he is... Oh, and be a knight. I've always wanted to do this: Collect juice can lids, punch holes in the sides, and connect with jump rings to make "chain mail". Cool, no?

  2. That is the most awesome costume ever! I love your pregnant pumpkin too.

  3. Thanks Krista! I've been thinking, and I can't imagine a much easier costume to go with a dragon than The Paper Bag Princess, AND she totally gets props for being a second-wave feminist heroine!

  4. I totally guffawed at the Jane Goodall name tag.

  5. Okay, came back today and realized Teddy is your son's name. *facepalm*

    OoooOOoo! Paper Bag Princess is perfect! Will your hubby go as Roland, the tennis-playing prince?


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