Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Monster? Owl? Rabbit?

You guys, the time has come, I feel, to have a frank discussion about the awesomeness of interchangeable eye'd stuffies.
Because if not now then WHEN!? And if not us then who (wait do I mean whom? Maybe I do) and if not...
OK, so really all I wanted to say was that these guys here KILL me with their cuteness.

They're called Oddbods, and their eyes and badges are interchangeable. I'm a fan and I think maybe you should check them out HERE.
I have this theory that Mildred Brown and Eric have some kind of EPIC love story going on (WAY more epic than Twilight) but I could be wrong, see what you think and report back?
On a slightly less crazy note, these guys are made by someone pretty awesome, to whom I am tenuously connected and for whom I wish good things. So yay for Nikki.


  1. Ha Ha. I love the face the bear is making. That is so cute.

  2. Nena, I know right? And his ears!
    And thanks for looking Justine! x


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