Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shiny, lucky (and kinda rambly)

You guys! This weekend has been super shiny and awesome. With tree acquiring and salt dough and tree trimming and bunting making and friends and dinner and cocktail hat making and and secret santa-ing and a hors d'oeuvre and 25 people squeezed in here. SHINY I tells you!

The tree was acquired early Friday morning from City TV's Charity Tree Deal. Whereby the kids at City fill up Dundas Sq with Christmas trees (and this year a SUPER jaunty tenor choir - LOVED those guys) and sell Christmas trees to raise money for The Food Bank. Which just works for me on a bunch of different levels. Firstly of all, the getting up early and walking down there, all bundled up makes it seem like an occasion. And the square smells so GOOD. And we get our tree and we get to make a donation to a charity that's a pretty big deal for me.
As an aside, can you imagine how difficult it would be to have to worry about something as basic as feeding yourself or your family? I'm IMMENSELY grateful never to have been in that position; but you guys, I feel like all that is is luck.
Where was I?
OH YAH! My sweetie carried the tree home two and a half city blocks for us, hoisted over his SHOULDER. And oooh la la but that man looks good getting his lumberjack on. Mouth-dryingly yum. Then of course we had to grump and wrangle about where exactly we were going to put it. (I won!).
The bear was WIGGLY with excitement about the whole process. And was an enormous help putting the lights on the tree. He's available for a modest fee if you're looking for a short blond to help out by standing on wires and cooing
"Izz so boot-a-wul (beautiful). You see? you see? Ours tree is Boot-a wul!"

Next came a foray into the unknown for me. We made salt dough! I'd never done it before, but I saw the how-to over at Aunt Peaches (have you been over there? YOU SHOULD! Really, she makes beautiful stuff, but even better, her writing is extraordinary; I went for the paper flowers and stayed for the laugh-out-loud-with-a-dash-of-heartbreak storytelling. I'm a fan.)

Anyhow, the bear and I whipped up a batch of salt dough gingerbread chaps. Only some genius (me) decided to add a bit of food colouring to the dough. They turned out the same anemic, fleshy pink as my legs after a long winter. Not cool. Creepy in fact. Like a trayful of nekkid faceless people. But we painted them a nice gingerbready colour on Friday night and we're all agree to never mention it again.

On friday night I also made a bit of bunting,

And some smooching paper birds.

And Saturday morning the bear and I made craft paper gingerbread guys to decorate for our secret santa shindig.

And lastly I got WAY overdressed for that self same party. See:

And I made a cocktail hat! Well technically I stuck 3 dollarstore coasters on a dollarstore headband and painted them black. But I'm totally calling it a cocktail hat! See:

It was a fun time. And you guys are all invited for Our New Year's Soiree!

Hey as an aside, I worry a bit about sounding smug when I write about the nice stuff in my life. BUT, I AM lucky and writing it down helps me remember that I am, and it helps me to pluck the shiny, awesome moments out of the drab ones. That said, I TOTALLY won't be offended if you skip the Lucky Me posts!


  1. I like the cocktail hat. Tres chic for some coasters and a headband.

    I hear you on the looking back on how lucky we are at this time of year. It is something about the season that makes something swell up inside at all the blessings I have that I don't think of the rest of the year. Even if I got no presents that reminder is a gift in and of itself.

    And remember, better to overdress and look fabulous than to underdress in my opinion.

  2. 1) I love that you said this:"...the getting up early and walking down there, all bundled up makes it seem like an occasion." Because when you said "early Friday morning," I instantly thought, "Ooh, that sounds so festive!" Early winter mornings in the city = good. I imagine hot chocolate or really good coffee being involved at some point in the process.

    2) Our local food bank is our chief charity as well. They're amazingly good at what they do, and they do some kind of absurd magic like for every dollar they receive they provide 11 dollars worth of food assistance. Super important magic that's worth supporting, for sure. And yes, I know I'm super lucky as well, and that's all it is.

    3) The salt dough gingerbread men--I'm fine with never mentioning it again, but first I have to say: Hilarious.

    4) Great dress! Did you make it? Or remake it? ;-)

    5) I always *love* your pictures of your apartment and your city. It feels precisely like my childhood--when we lived in an apartment in the heart of a city (Philadelphia), and I loved it to bits. I always felt like we lived high up in the sky over the city, all safe and cozy, and we got to watch the city do its city thing. And to this day, apartments like that feel safe and cozy and homey, and I miss them.

  3. Amy your comments always totally make my day. You = awesome. And here, have a rib-crushing hug.

  4. And ErinC, I concur, over is always better than under!

  5. That is such a pretty color dress! And the Mary Janes with it? Wonderful. The headband/hat is wonderful too. Ok, I should just say Great Outfit! Cuz i mean it!


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