Saturday, January 22, 2011

And the real story is...

I'll get back to the sort of blogging where I make stuff sometime soon, instead of the "hey, look at my kid and my sweetie" diversion tactics. Maybe. It has been a kind of a brain squeezing week for me. I am working on something that is HARD.
I'm writing something for my therapist, her name is Ramona and she is awesome. If you or your family ever need to be put back together after a Traumatic Brain Injury (and I can't tell you how much I hope you never do); then Ramona is your guy.
Right now she is working on a thing, a Field Guide to Brain Injury if you like, from a family's perspective. And she asked me contribute from my perspective.
I am genuinely honoured to be asked, but it's hard for a couple of reasons.
Firstly because it was not a superfun time; excavating those feelings from back then, then honing them down into words, the right words, to tell the story with honesty and integrity. Not so easy.
And I guess that's the other part of it. I do not want to fail. Because if someone had handed me a book that said, "this is the deal with brain injuries" on that shitty day in September, that might have helped. And to have the opportunity to help, that's a big deal.
And mostly what I want to say is,
Alive but broken is hard.
But alive is not nothing.
And alive and moving forward is the only thing.



  1. Oh Erin. Well done you for having the courage to be a part of that book. It must be emotionally exhausting (so hard to avoid the egg joke there) to relive all that and write it down so it makes sense.

  2. I'm sure you will do the topic justice, and I can well imagine that revisiting the experience is hard. Take your time the blog can wait.

  3. Erin, this is amazing. And you won't fail, no way. Your own warm, compassionate self will shine through, and I'm sure that it will have an enormous impact on someone in the future. Good work. (And Sigrid is right, of course the blog can wait, but also--I love all sorts of blogging, not just the crafty sort, so I say, write whatever you like, whenever you like.)


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