Friday, January 21, 2011


Two days ago I was attacked by a VICIOUS EGG. I was. It came out of nowhere and sliced a bit of my thumb before whispering "This better learn you" and then peeling away in a waiting Jag.
OK maybe not the last part, but I sliced my paw on pretty much the roundest, fragilest thing in the world. And I made the mistake of telling this guy:  

His response?
"Oh no! That must have been eggstremely painful"   
Guess how many ways there are to put egg into a word? A million. And two days later he's still at it. It's gone beyond a yolk.


  1. Haha...your blogs never fail to make me chuckle :-)

  2. Hehe, this is funny. However, I read it as "two years" instead of "two days". I thought you were talking about your son.

  3. My husband wants to know if you're still shellshocked? If you can't tell you can look in the mirror and tell by gaging how much you can see the whites of your eyes.

    (yes, I think I married one of THOSE)

    If too much is showing you should a-poach a doctor. Even if you're not feeling fried.

  4. even if you have to go to the doctor, not to worry, he'll have you "done in a minute" and not feeling so scrambled.

    aaaahhhhhhggg now he's driving me crazy.

  5. Hi Copper!
    My sweetie salutes your husband as a fellow pun appreciator (paronomasiaophile?). And I totally roll my eyes at both of them!

  6. We're both rolling our eyes. :D

  7. At first I thought you may have been eggxagerating the whole thing.

    Hope your injuries have healed and that you didn't need all the King's men and horses to put you back together.


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