Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Waterloo Sunset

Well hi! Did everybody have a smoochy and super romantical valentines day? Ours was pretty magical.

Hey, did you know that my sweetie and I met on Valentines day? We did. 14 years ago. 14! By random chance at the end of a night. You know the Pulp song Something Changed? Like that.
Instead of going home we wandered around London; from bars to cafes and from Leicester Sq to Waterloo Bridge. It must have been cold but I don't remember that; I remember laughing until I snorted and never wanting the night to end. When the tube started running the next morning I was at least halfway to being madly in love.
We were practically babies. I was 18 (a cynical, city-bred-riot-gurl 18, but still 18). And of all the things that I chose then, (dubious outfits, terrible hair, the WRONG degree course) my sweetie was the best choice I made. Maybe ever. And I would choose him again and again. Then, and now.

Wait, where was I?
Oh yah! So Monday was SUCH a romantic night. We put the bear to bed. My sweetie cooked a feast. I put on something swishy. We used a tablecloth (swanky!). And we necked on the couch while watching Downton Abbey. It was PERFECT.
Part of my sweetie's giftie was kind of dumb but funny (at least in my head it's funny). He was in desperate need of new sockies, so I got 7 pairs (one sockie per year!) wrapped them up and made him a card with a pear on it that said WE are my favourite pair. Then totally chuckled to myself. A lot.

(You can't really see it but the paper is shiny and the pear has gold leaf on it. MAN I love shopping for swanky paper. I completely crack out and touch everything. Sometimes I sniff it. But Curry's frowns on licking the paper goods. Or, uh, so I've heard. )


  1. The first half of this post almost made me cry (in the best possible way), and the second half had me rolling. So glad it was a good celebration for the pear of you! ;-)


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