Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh No. Drums.

Wondering what my sweetheart and my kid were doing while I lurched around the city pretending to be undead? Well. My sweetheart was having an attack of the crazypants.
He took Teddy to Long & McQuade, a music and musical goodies shop here in the city. And he let him do THIS:

Uh huh. That's a drum kit. And that's my kid giving it some; to the cooing admiration of a handful of his uncles. 
Drums you guys.

The thing is, my sweetie is (at 39) learning to play the guitar. Which - maybe the hottest thing ever? He's spent six months working his fingers to nubbins while me and the dog sit around gazing adoringly at him like super-hairy groupies (what? I sometimes forget to shave my legs.)
Teddy is similarly impressed. I'm  really proud of my sweetie for setting that kind of example to him. You know, the "it's never too late, you just have to work hard and practice and you can do anything" example. Well that and the all-important "guitars = adoring girls/boys/dogs" lesson.
But Drums? DRUMS? really? 
Le sigh. Anybody want to open a book on how soon I cave on this one? 


  1. My husband (and 11 year old son, somedays), is learning to play the drums. He has NO musical background---I have a B.A (Hons) in music. Oy. Tip--electronic drums are not as quiet as you might think they'd be!

  2. Tracy. oh. no.
    There really should be a medal available for this kind of situation. A sparkly one.
    Teddy has also been mooning over a "lectrical Guitar". Which might be the lesser of two weevils. Maybe.
    Either way, sparkly medals all 'round!


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