Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cowboy Chicken! "He's a chicken who is a cowboy guy"

Halloween, maybe my favourite holiday. costumes+candy=funtimes.
Want to see how we rolled, costume wise?
WELLL! First we went to "Big Boy School" (the PFLC playgroup at our local school) Like this:

He's Biggles Bear, Flying Ace. And here's a tiny admission. There was no planning for that "costume" at all. The flight jacket and hat are just what he wears. And I grabbed a white "scarf" from my fabric stash and fringed the ends. But you guys. I love it. Love love. See, both my Grandpas (his great grandpas) were pilots. And my dad IS a pilot. (My mum has her  P.P.L. and I have about 17 hours of a Private Pilots Licence too; we're an aeronautical family)
So yep, my kid is Biggles. I might have put on my outfit with Amelia Earheart in mind. Maybe. but I'm admitting nothing. (and it's a brutally unflattering shot, gah).
So that was the morning, and a thrown together outfit so Teddy wouldn't BOIL in the overheated school.
This is the real deal:

Which... OK?
I have no idea how he came up with it but he asked to be a "chicken who is a cowboy guy".
For the last couple of weeks the whole "what to be" conversation has been a source of superfuntimes, and there was some talk of a Space Robot, a zookeeper, or a "RacingCarDriverVRooom". But on Wednesday he declared for Cowboy Chicken and stuck with it when asked three times.
So off we went to the Dolla' Stor'. We scored the hat, the orange "feet", some craft foam and (my favourite part) a handful off-brand swiffer-type dusters.
I pulled those suckers apart and tacked them on to the sleeve of a white hoodie. And voila, softie chicken wings. I could have used a feather boa but I'm monstrous allergic.
I chopped the toes off the orange sockies and tacked on felt chicken feet.
The vest/waistcoat we had.
The chicken mask I made because the chicken masks at the costume shop across the road were kind of... sinister looking? and too big. I did manage to hot-glue a chicken nosehole to my hand. Not cool you guys. Not cool.
Anyway, it came together, it looked like this and it was a hit when we went trick or treating last night. So I'm calling it a win.


  1. Love the cowboy chicken! The duster wings are such a great idea. They look amazing and much less messy (and more humane, I'm sure) than real feathers.
    I love the costume ideas they come up with at this age. Last year when my boy was 2, he wanted to be a robot cat.
    Thanks for linking up on Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!

  2. Cute little boy costumes, but I think you are being too hard on yourself. The pic you didn't like of you I thought to myself, now why can't I look more like that? Motivation to treat myself better by dressing better. Also LOVE your getup with the cowboychicken.

  3. Michele, your comment has been burning a hole in my pocket (or I guess in my brain? but that sounds kind of gross? Let's just go with I've been thinking about it!) since I read it. Specifically that one might "treat myself better by dressing better".
    I'd never thought about clothes that way before, but it makes perfect sense; and I kind of LOVE it as an idea. Thanks for the food for thought!

  4. I also ADORE cowboy chicken. (A "chicken who is a cowboy guy"? Fabulous. If only you too kept a Toddlerblog!)

    And I agree with Michelle: You honestly look lovely and stylish and completely pulled together to me in that picture. And the photo of the cowgirl with her cowboy chicken? Absolutely priceless.


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