Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Breakfast, Hold the Tiffany's

When there is quiet and my Bear and pooch are hanging out in the same place there is almost always some kind of shenanigan going on.
Like this.
(Anybody with a healthy respect for hygiene might want to look away now or risk being traumatized.)

1. OK. It's too quiet over there.

2. Huh?


Well of course. Of course you're eating cheerios off of the floor in the grubbiest spot in the house. And naturally you would completely lose your wiggles when I try to return the cheerios to the bowl.


because leftover cheerios belong in mamma's boots.

Sammiches too.


  1. My nearly-two year old puts things in our boots all the time. You always have to check your footwear or you are likely to step into something slimy....

  2. Where else are you supposed to put them?!

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