Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm going to call this one Marvin

I was mooching around the Anthro website the other day and noticed something that hadn't occurred to me before. It wasn't that their footwear this season is a little on the MEH side (though it totally is), it was that almost every item on there has a name. And often they're kind of abstract. and purty.

Hello Fragrant Valley dress and Clinging Blossoms cardi I'm talking to you... Wait, what's that? You love me too and you want to come and live at my house? SIGH.

So, I wondered if maybe I should start naming my clothes. Would I feel better if the peanut butter encrusted shirt I'm wearing right now was the "Furled Blossom Blouse"?
Well maybe. So with that in mind, let me introduce you to the April Showers cardigan.

and here's the detail shot:

And a pin. (it's not quite finished, I thought I had hooks and eyes in my stash, but nope.)
I didn't take a before picture because I actually started messing with this cardi AGES ago. It's a really soft merino cotton mix and it think I might have "liberated" it from my Ma at some point. It used to have longer sleeves. But they weren't quite long enough for my simian-style arms. So I hacked them off and hemmed them with two rows of straight stitching. Then I ignored it for 8 months or so.
Last week it finally got fished out of the basket. It was missing a few buttons, which is why it was in the basket in the first place. Instead of replacing the missing buttons I whipped all of them off. The I stuck on some costume drama (Persuasion from 2007. Dude. So awesome) and hand sewed some beads. The beads were actually leftovers from the dollar store card making kit I used for the bear's party invitations. Yay for things that justify my hoarding impulse!
My big problem was randomness, my brand of crazy likes PERFECT SYMMETRY AT ALL TIMES. So deliberate randomness is a bit twitch inducing. I also think that the cloud could be bigger (and I do have Northanger Abbey to watch).
Hooks and eyes will go on when I get them tomorrow. It's Friday so I can spend hours in the fabric shop sans baby. So. Exciting. (Wait, does this mean I need to get out more?)


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