Friday, March 19, 2010


You guys! That last one was my hundredth post. I knew it was coming up but I didn't realise until just this morning. It's made me cheerfully introspective, and in the mood for a recap.
Since my very first post I have.
  • Learnt a little about HTML (I have three columns now! and I can make a grabbable button... and yet Microsoft still haven't called.)
  • Met (well internet met) some folks. Who are lovely. And awesome. And for whom I am crossing fingers and waving flags and offering imaginary cookies. (only less crazy than that sounds)
  • Sewed a bunch of stuff.
  • conquered my fear o' meddling with vintage.
  • Been totally inspired by other folks' blogs and Wardrobe Refashion (what a brilliant kick in the sewing pants that has been)
  • Had an outlet for the kind of boo-hoo for me, or YAY for me! stuff that everyday life is made of. (and gotten unexpected support and kindness. Thanks. x)
  • Recorded some stuff that I might have otherwise forgotten.
  • Written out some stuff that. hurt. like. pulling. teeth. but left me lighter after it was done.
And there's been other life stuff happening too.
  • My bear has turned into practically a big kid right before my eyes.
  • I've made some pretty big lifestyle changes. As in, exercise and less pie. And lost 48lbs because of it.
  • My sweetie and I hit our 13 year anniversary of being sweeties. 13! I am super proud of us.
  • Gotten a new niece! Who is delicious, and whom I can't wait to meet.
So thanks for sticking around to listen to the stuff. You guys are a big part of what makes this fun.


  1. Huuumongous Congratulations on your 100 posts. You have come a long way. I have no button and only have two columns boo hoo for me ;)

    I hope by the time I reach 100 posts I have conquered as much as you have

    Steph x

  2. Congratulations. Loving the milestone posts, aren't they fun :o)

  3. Super cool! Congratulations on all of the above.


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